About Hand Plant

Hand Plants roots go back many years ago to the Big Island of Hawaii. It was there that the seed was planted, watered and given plenty of sunlight. Hand Plant Hemp is the culmination of pharmaceutical science and love for nature’s healing powers. Hand Plant Hemps CBD was carefully selected by our pharmacist for multiple reasons: quality, purity, and potency being a few. 

We are passionate about CBD

As a pharmacist founded CBD company you can be sure that the CBD you are buying is of the highest standards. We didn’t just “slap a label” on the first CBD we tried. Our pharmacists have researched multiple growers and distillers of hemp and have finally found what they feel like is one of the most reputable producers of CBD in the country.

Our founder’s miracle story

But not only is our founder a pharmacist he is a patient and a walking quadriplegic. March 1, 2013 a snowboarding accident changed his life forever and he was paralyzed from the chest down. Years of rehabilitation, therapy and luck have brought him back to his feet for one last fight. Consequently with paralysis comes many complications and CBD has been the one drug that helps with a multitude of ailments, pain, sleep, appetite, incontinence and muscle spasticity to name a few.